Liaison Committee

The University Liaison Committee provides guidance to the PCCR regarding its interaction with other Purdue University entities, and pathways to attain its strategic goals.

Alan Rebar Interim Vice President for Research
Jay Akridge Dean, College of Agriculture
Ragu Balakrishnan Head, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Richard Borch Head, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Stephen Adams Interim Head, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Clint Chapple Head, Department of Biochemistry
Melba Crawford Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering
Harm Hogenesch Associate Dean for Research, School of Veterinary Medicine
Laurie Jaeger Head, Department of Basic Medical Sciences
Perry Kirkham Project Coordinator, Office of the Vice President for Research
Richard Kuhn Head, Department of Biological Sciences
Christine Ladisch Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences
Karen Plaut Associate Dean and Director of Agricultural Research, College of Agriculture
Willie Reed Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine
Jeffrey Roberts Dean, College of Science
Craig Svensson Dean, College of Pharmacy
Ramesh Vemulapalli Head, Department of Comparative Pathobiology
Connie Weaver Head, Department of Nutrition Science
George Wodicka Head, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering
Wei Zheng Head, School of Health Sciences
Timothy Zwier Head, Department of Chemistry