Director’s Advisory Board

They may not be working in the Center’s laboratories, but their assistance and guidance are invaluable. This Director’s Advisory Board helps guide the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research in securing funds – an important aspect of any research-based institution. They assist the Center for Cancer Research director, Dr. Timothy Ratliff, and the executive committee set goals and identify opportunities for public, governmental and private fundraising.

Current Director's Advisory Board Members:

Ms. Beth Bangs, West Lafayette, IN
Ms. Terry Bowen, Indianapolis, IN
Mr. Donald Dunaway, Naples, FL
Ms. Mary Beth Gadus, Indianapolis, IN
Mr. Todd Gilman, Manhattan Beach, CA
Ms. Sandy Hageman, Remington, IN
Ms. Jennie Jones, West Lafayette, IN
Ms. Joy Matson, Rossville, IN
Ms. Kathleen McCann, Lake Barrington, IL
Mr. Rick Miller, Plymouth, IN
Ms. Martha (Marti) Schmidt, Naperville, IL
Mr. Don Schoeff, Huntington, IN
Ms. Elizabeth (Betsy) Spencer, Avon, IN
Ms. Marcy Ziek, Cincinnati, OH


Ms. Linda Rohrman, Lafayette, IN