Call for Nominations

 Lafayette Lions Club

Cancer Research Award

 Due: March 1, 2012


For over thirty years, the Lafayette Lions Club has generously sponsored the Lafayette Lions Purdue University Center for Cancer Research Award.  Electronic nominations for the 2011 award should be sent to on or before 5:00pm, March 1, 2012.

The basis for selection will be current and past scientific accomplishments in cancer research. 

Letters of Nomination should include:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae or NIH Biosketch
  2. One-two paragraphs summarizing the individual’s contribution to cancer research, highlighting exceptional discoveries 

Final selection will be by members of a committee composed of previous recipients of the award.  In the case of a cooperative study, joint awards may be given.  Recipients receive a splendid wall plaque, a monetary award, and well deserved recognition for their efforts

The winner will be asked to present a brief (20 minute) PowerPoint presentation summarizing his/her research in lay terms at the Lafayette Lions Club Award ceremony in May at roughly 6pm at MCL cafeteria.  Specific dates will be forwarded to the nominee for the award at a later date. 



For Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research at Purdue


2011:     Kinam Park and Ji-Xin Cheng
2010:     David Riese
2009:     Carol Post
2008:     Timothy Ratliff
2007:     V. J. Davisson
2006:     Peixuan Guo
2005:     David A. Sanders
2004:     Mark S. Cushman
2003:     Richard A. Gibbs
2002:     Mark A Green
2001:     Cynthia V. Stauffacher
2000:     Deborah W. Knapp
1999:     Richard F. Borch
1998:     Donald E. Bergstrom
1997:     Ourania Andrisani
1996:     Minou Bina
1995:     Bradley Olwin
1994:     Stephen F. Koneiczny
1993:     Curtis Ashendel
1992:     Elizabeth Taparowsky
1991:     Philip Low
1990:     Jack E. Dixon
1989:     Claudia M. Kent
1988:     Robert L. Geahlen and Marietta L. Harrison
1987:     Jerry L. McLaughlin
1986:     Ralph C. Richardson
1985:     William M. Baird
1984:     Nicholas C. Jones
1983:     Ching-jer Chang and R. Graham Cooks
1982:     John N. Anderson
1981:     John M. Cassady
1980:     Struther A. Arnott
1979:     Robert L. VanEtten
1978:     D. James Morré and Thomas W. Keenan

H. Floss received a special recognition in 1983