Consideration for membership in the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research can be initiated by nomination of a faculty member from her/his department or by recommendation from the appropriate Cancer Research Center Program Leader. The candidate should provide a complete and current curriculum vitae, a statement outlining the anticipated benefits of membership for the Cancer Research Center and for the candidate, and a summary of her/his cancer research activities. Membership will be considered by the Executive Committee of the Cancer Research Center, and its recommendation will be forwarded to the Director for approval. Cancer Research Center membership will be granted for a period of three years. Each member will be reviewed by the Executive Committee every three years contingent upon the recommendation of her/his Program Leader; members will be asked to provide an updated curriculum vitae and a statement of her/his past contributions to the Cancer Research Center.

Full Member. Candidates must be engaged in cancer-related research as documented by a record of peer-reviewed publications of direct relevance to cancer. Candidates who have been in a tenure-track position for at least five years are also expected to have a record of peer-reviewed support of research that is clearly related to cancer.

Associate Member. Candidates for associate membership may include faculty whose research interests are peripheral to the cancer problem but where formal interactions with the Cancer Research Center would strengthen the cancer relatedness of their research and would be of mutual benefit to the candidate and the Center.

Cancer Research Center Program Membership Guidelines
Cancer Research Center Membership Application