Macromolecular Crystallography

macromolecular crystallography

Shared Resources Director: Alan Friedman
Facility Director: T. J. Schmidt
Department: Biological Sciences
Phone: (765) 494-5911
Building/Room: LILY B-102B, B-141, B-403

General Information and Services

The essential service of this Resource is to provide facilities for macromolecular crystallography anticipating direct, hands-on use by Cancer Research Center members. The facilities include instruments required for X-ray diffraction experiments and for the crystallization of macromolecules. To achieve this service, experienced technical staff maintain the facilities, and a resource director provides scientific guidance in the development of materials and the use of the instruments.

The crystal growth facilities include four walk-in rooms designed to provide low-vibration, temperature-controlled environments. Three rooms with floor areas of roughly 140, 80, and 110ft2 support fixed temperatures of 20, 12, and 4°C (0.5°C). The fourth and smallest room (50ft2) is intended for crystallization experiments in the presence of ice-inhibiting agents at a temperature of -5°C.

Three free-standing incubators are available for experiments at other temperatures.

All rooms and incubators are monitored by a digital scanning thermometer with a software interface to web-based software that logs and displays temperature data, and provides warning messages by e-mail. Good to excellent light microscopes are present in each of the 20, 12, and 4° rooms; those in the 20° room are equipped with digital camera/video systems.

The diffraction laboratories house X-ray generators, diffraction instruments, and ancillary equipment required for the measurement of single crystal diffraction patterns. A wide variety of shared and private computational resources are available to support the analysis, management, and preservation of the diffraction data. All computational resources and the diffraction instruments are accessible through the campus network.

Macromolecular Crystallography Rates