Flow Cytometry

flow cytometry

Shared Resources Director: James Leary
Department: Basic Medical Sciences
E-mail: jfleary@purdue.edu
Operator/Technicians: Jill Hutchroft, Justin Meyers
Phone: (765) 586-1130 or (765) 586-2674
Building/Room: Bindley Biosciences Building, Room 233

General Information and Services

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Seperation Facility provides a high-quality, comprehensive resource for Cancer Research Center participants. The core has several high-quality flow cytometry instruments that are available for analytical and sorting applications. In addition, the core aims to provide a high quality consulting environment for all users, to obtain the maxium benefit from the technology available.

Data analysis is an important function of the core. Several computers are maintained in the facility for users to perform their data analysis. Users have access to several of the lastest data analysis packages.

The following is a list of services offered by this facility:

  • Flow Cytometry 
  • Training in flow cytometry and cell sorting techniques
  • Identification, isolation, and characterization of cell types including rare cell types
  • Protocol development for cell analyses and seperations
  • Data analysis consultation
  • Coordination with other high throughput capabilities within the Bindley Bioscience Center
  • Expert input for flow analysis and sorting methods in grant proposals


  • Luminex multiplexed assay plate analysis
  • Experimental design consultation
  • Data analysis consultation
  • Expert input for Luminex analysis methods in grant proposals



Rate per unit                         Internal user charge          Internal cancer center user charge         External charge
iCyt Relfection Cell Sorter      $ 36.00                              $ 36.00                                                 $ 55.00
Beckman Quantum Analyzer   $ 22.00                              $ 22.00                                                 $ 34.00
Salary Rate (technician)         $ 38.00                              -------                                                  $ 58.00