Mass Spectometry

mass spectrometry

Shared Resource Director: Karl Wood                                   Submit a sample-click here
Department: Chemistry
Phone: (765) 494-7357

General Information and Services

The purpose of this Shared Resource is to provide state-of-the-art mass spectrometry services to cancer researchers at Purdue.

Specific services offered through this facility include low and high-resolution mass spectrometry in the electron impact, chemical ionization, and electrospray ionization modes; either through a conventional or nano-spray interface with HPLC.

A matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) instrument also is available for peptide and protein analysis.

Proteomics is becoming an increasingly important activity of the facility staff through consultation in the application of existing methods, assistance in developing new analytical strategies, and aid in data interpretation, in addition to performing analysis of tryptic digests from gels, LC/MS analyses, and MS/MS sequencing of peptides.

The staff places a high priority on understanding the research problem being addressed, selecting the most suitable solution in consultation with the researcher, and involving the research team in the solution.

The following is a list of services offered by this facility:

Low resolution electron and chemical ionization (LR EI/CI MS)
Capillary gas chromatography (GC/MS)
Low resolution electrospray ionization (LR ESI MS)
High resolution exact mass measurements (EI/CI/ESI MS)
Chemical derivatives (EI/CI/MS)
Direct-injection (ESI MS)
Microbore HPLC (ESI MS)
Matrix assisted laser desorption (MALDI)
Inductively coupled plasma (ICP MS) Consultation with users

Mass Spectometry Rates