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Funding is a basic necessity in the Center’s work, and our member researchers receive funding through a variety of awards and grants. The following pages detail the funding guidelines and application requirements for each.

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Master Pilot Grants Calendar FY14-15

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Purdue Vice President for Research Office Funding Information

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Open Access Collaborative Publications Funding


Purdue University  
Walther Oncology Physical Sciences & Engineering Research Embedding Program
September 15, 2014
Indiana CTSI  

Purdue Office Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships Limited Submissions

Letters of intent, preproposals, and rankings to the EVPRP should be e-mailed to Purdue's open limited submission competitions, limited submission policy, and template for letters of intent may be found at For any case in which the number of internal letters of intent received is no more than the number of proposals allowed by the sponsor, the EVPRP will notify the PI that an internal preproposal will be unnecessary.
**Effective immediately, the EVPRP’s limited submission internal review process will no longer require letters of intent (LOIs).  Instead, competitions will require only a preproposal (unless otherwise stated).  As with current practices, preproposal templates will be posted on the limited submission website and will be tailored to reflect the review components of the actual proposal.**

Limited Submission:  NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) 

PIRE is an NSF-wide program that supports fundamental, international research and education in physical, living, human, and engineered systems. PIRE awards enable research at the leading edge of science and engineering by facilitating partnerships with others nationally and internationally, by educating and preparing a diverse, world-class STEM workforce, and by fostering institutional capacity for international collaboration. This agenda is designed to encourage high-risk/high-reward activities and the pursuit of potentially transformative ideas. PIRE projects must include collaboration with foreign research partners and international research experiences for students to promote a diverse internationally competitive science and engineering workforce. NSF is committed to the principle of diversity and expects PIRE projects to involve groups traditionally underrepresented in science and engineering at all levels (faculty, students and postdoctoral researchers). Awards are expected to be approximately million over five years. Funding for international collaborators on PIRE projects may be available from agencies such as USAID, PEER Science, and counterpart agencies abroad. For this competition, Purdue may submit oneproposal as lead, but there is no limit on the number of proposals in which an institution can participate as a partner.
Internal deadlines:
Monday, August 11: Preproposals due to the OVPR.
Monday, August 18: Reviewer rankings due to the OVPR.
Sponsor deadlines:  October 21 – Preliminary proposal; May 15, 2015 – Invited full proposal

NIH Request for Information: Shared Instrumentation Grant Program (S10)

The Office of Research Infrastructure Programs is soliciting comments from the community on the Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program. Specifically, they are soliciting comments on the following issues: Budget, Eligibility Requirements, Instrumentation, Research Projects, Instrument Administration and Institutional Support, and Any Other Comments.  Purdue has had enough experience with the SIG program, both good and bad, that a unified response from Purdue could be useful for the future direction of the S10 program.  Please consider submitting brief comments on the topics above to your department head so that a cohesive response can be submitted on behalf of Purdue.  Please note that a campus-wide response does not preclude individual responses. Please submit your responses to your department head by August 17th so that they can be forwarded to the Office of the EVPRP.

NIH Request for Information: Soliciting Comments on a Potential New Program for Research Funding by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences

  This RFI is directed at obtaining input to assist NIGMS in its planning for a potential new program tentatively named Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award. This award would be a grant in support of all of the research supported by NIGMS in an investigator’s laboratory.  Deadline: August 15

Limited Submission:

The PhRMA Foundation funds scientists at critical points in their research careers to support and reward innovation in disciplines essential to the development of safe and effective medicines. The PhRMA Foundation offers competitive pre- and post-doctoral fellowships, sabbatical fellowships, and research starter grants to advance science in pharmacology, toxicology, informatics, pharmaceutics, and health outcomes. Areas of interest include the following:
  • Adherence– Due September 1
  • Informatics– Due September 1
(The informatics pre-doctoral fellowship program is limited to two applicants per institution. Contact by June 30 if interested).
  • Pharmacology/Toxicology– Due September 1
(The pharmacology/toxicology pre-doctoral fellowship program is limited to one applicant per institution. Contact by June 30 if interested).
  • Pharmaceutics – Due September 1

Purdue University EVPRP Laboratory and University Core Facilities Research Equipment Program and the Non-Laboratory Equipment Program

The Laboratory Equipment Program and the University Core Facilities Research Equipment Program are combined into a single program for 2014.  The Non-Laboratory Equipment Program remains the same as in previous years.  Equipment requests for up to $ 100,000 are available through the Laboratory and University Core Facilities Research Equipment Program and for up to $ 20,000 (Tier 2) or $ 5,000 (Tier 1) through the Non-Laboratory Equipment Program.  Applications for both Programs are due in September and funds will be available in January 2015.

Funding Resources:

  The EVPRP (formerly OVPR) website includes a link entitled Funding Resources. This link includes sections containing Internal and External Funding Resources.  Additionally, there is a link for Search Tools and Alerts.  Those who would like assistance in setting up their Pivot E-mail funding alerts may want to take advantage of our tutorial, which may be found on the Search Tools and Alerts link.
The newest issues of Research Development and Grantwriting News.
Another resource for corporate and foundation funding opportunities is the University Development Office.  UDO lists funding opportunities here.


Funding Agency & Grant/Award Name


National Institutes of Health

(Standard Due Dates for Competing Applications)

NIH Research Projects to Enhance Applicability of Mouse Models for Translational Research. R01  August 3, 2014
Collaborative R01 August 3, 2014
NIH-NIAID Advanced Development of Multiplex Diagnostic Platforms for Infectious Diseases August 4, 2014
NIH Oncology Models Forum (U24) August 7, 2014
NIH-NIAID Targeting Therapeutics Development to Relieve Bottlenecks August 13, 2014
NIH-NIMHD Basic and Applied Biomedical Research on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R01) August 28, 2014
NIH-NIMHD Social, Behavioral, Health Services, and Policy Research on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R01) August 28, 2014
NIH Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacoepigenetics and Personalized Medicine in Children (R01) LOI: September 5, 2014
Application: October 5, 2014
NIH Innovative Therapies and Tools for Screenable Disorders in Newborns (R01) LOI: September 5, 2014
Application: October 5, 2014
NIH Discovery of in vivo Chemical Probes (RO1) LOI: September 5, 2014
Application: October 5, 2014
NIH-NIDDK Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (K01) LOI due September 12, 2014
NIH Enriching the Hematology Research Workforce through Short-term Educational Experiences in Emerging Science Research Education Program Grant (R25) LOI due September 13, 2014
Application: October 13, 2014
NIH Innovative Approaches for the Identification of Mitochondria-Cell Signaling Networks in Response to Environmental Stress (R21/R33) September 15, 2014
NIH Innovative Therapies and Tools for Screenable Disorders in Newborns (R03) LOI: September 16, 2014
Application: October 16, 2014
NIH Innovative Therapies and Tools for Screenable Disorders in Newborns (R21) LOI: September 16, 2014
Application: October 16, 2014
HHS-NCI Outstanding Investigator Award (R35) LOI: September 20, 2014
Application: October 20, 2014
NIH-NCI Outstanding Investigator Award (R35) LOI due September 20, 2014
Application: October 20, 2014
NIH Translational Programs in Lung Diseases (P01) September 22, 2014
NIH/USDA-NIFA Dual Purpose with Dual Benefit: Research in Biomedicine and Agriculture Using Agriculturally Important Domestic Animal Species (R01) September 24, 2014
NIH Research Centers for Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine (P50) September 25, 2014
NIH Centers for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation Consortium (U19) LOI Due: September 3, 2014
Application: October 3, 2014
NIH Pilot Centers for Precision Disease Modeling (U54) October 1, 2014
NIH Centers of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE) (U54) LOI: October 3, 2014
Application: November 3, 2014
NIH Pioneer Award Program (DP1) October 10, 2014
NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Program (DP2) October 17, 2014
NIH Innovative Research in Cancer Nanotechnology (IRCN) (U01) October 29, 2014
NIH Role of the Microflora in the Etiology of Gastro-Intestinal Cancer (R01) November 4, 2014
NIH Research Using Biosamples from Selected Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Studies (DP3) November 20, 2014
NIH Center of Excellence for Natural Product Drug Interaction Research (U54) LOI Due: November 4, 2014
Application Due: December 4, 2014
NIH Notice of Intent to Publish a FOA for an Oncology Models Forum (U24) Fall 2014

NCI Small Grants Program for Cancer Research (NCI Omnibus R03)

Various application deadlines in 2014

HHS-AHRQ Announces Interest in Research on Health Insurance Coverage, Access and Affordability and on Healthcare Delivery System Affordability, Efficiency, and Quality AHRQ will use standing grant mechanisms such as the R01, R03, R18, and K08 funding mechanisms to support this research.  Deadlines vary by funding mechanism.

Various application deadlines in 2014

National Science Foundation

NSF Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research – Technology Translation (PFI:AIR-TT) September 2, 2014
NSF Centers for Chemical Innovation (CCI): Chemistry as the Driver for Transformative Research and Innovation October 21, 2014

Department of Defense/CDMRP

NEW submission portal web page:
ALL current CDMRP funding:

DOD-CDMRP Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP)

Prostate Cancer Biospecimen Resource Site Award: July 23, 2014

Physician Research Training Award: August 27, 2014

Postdoctoral Training Award: August 27, 2014

Collaborative Undergraduate Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Student Summer Training Program Award: August 27, 2014
DOD-CDMRP Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP)

Laboratory-Clinical Transition Award: Pre-application due July 23; Invited application due October 29.

Health Disparity Research Award: Pre-application due July 23; Invited application due September 24.

Population Science Impact Award: Pre-application due July 23; Invited application due October 29.

Postdoctoral Training Award: Pre-application due August 27; Application due September 10.
CDMRP DOD Breast Cancer Research Era of Hope Scholar Award August 1, 2014
DOD-DARPA Defense Sciences Office-wide BAA May 1, 2015

AACR Funding Opportunities




ACSR Young Investigator Pilot Award August 1, 2014
Damon Runyon Fellowship Award August 15, 2014
R. Robert & Sally Funderburg Research Award in Gastric Cancer August 29, 2014
National Canine Cancer Foundation Request for Investigator-Initiated Research Proposals September 1, 2014
Marion Milligan Mason Awards for Women in the Chemical Sciences September 15, 2014
Google Faculty Research Awards October 15, 2014
NASA Human Exploration Research Opportunities Various
American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation Deadlines vary by program

Mathers Charitable Foundation Grants

No specified deadlines 

2014 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Research Grants Program

Deadlines vary based on program 

The PEER Health/Philippines concept note solicitation Various deadlines

Charles Koch Foundation Grants

Proposals accepted continuously