Call for Proposals

ACS Institutional Grants for Junior Faculty

Deadline: Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research invites applications for one-year, cancer-focused research grants from junior faculty for the American Cancer Society (ACS) Small Grants Program.  This program is supported by an Institutional Research Grant to the Purdue Center for Cancer Research from the ACS. 

The awards are restricted to tenure and research-track junior faculty within six years of their first appointment whose research programs are not yet or not currently supported through national competitive research grants [i.e. K99, R00, R01, R21, DoD, HHMI - please e-mail Doug Cuttell with any questions about this criteria] and who must be, at the time of the application, citizens or noncitizen nationals of the United States or its possessions and territories, or must have been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence at the time of application. 

Proposals will be funded at the $ 30,000 level for one year, and there are ONE to TWO awards that can be potentially awarded.  An individual may apply for a one year competitive renewal of a previously funded pilot project grant (Committee will require review of a progress report for consideration). 

Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria: Cancer relevance, scientific merit, novelty, and significance.  It is important to emphasize cancer relevance throughout the application. 

It is strongly encouraged that you contact Doug Cuttell ( for a FASTR project planning meeting by November 1, 2012.  Project mapping is a proposal planning and organization process to help a PI with his/her grant and resulting communication to reviewers.  Please contact Doug with any questions or expectations. 

Proposals will be evaluated by the Center for Cancer Research Institutional Research Grant Committee for the ACS.  This committee is chaired by the Center Director and consists of faculty at all professorial ranks.  Members of this committee represent the four scientific programs within the Center.

A PDF or Word file of the application must be submitted on ACS application forms and include the Center cover page

All electronic applications are due to the Center Office by 5 pm on November 15, 2012.  Applications require prior approval of the appropriate department head, but do not require completion of the university transmittal check sheet.



1.   Center Cover page
2.   The mandatory ACS application form pages(note budgetary restrictions below)
3.   Description of Research Proposed (page 3 of the ACS application form)
The following should be included in this section (#3) and not exceed six single spaced typed pages: 

  • Brief Abstract
  • Specific aims of the project
  • Background and Significance (This section should emphasize cancer relevance and any previous contributions made by the principal investigator and others.)
  • Plan of Research (see above concerning FASTR mapping)
  • Cited Literature

   4   C.V. of the principal investigator

The following budgetary restrictions apply to ACS grants administrated by The Center --

  • Budget must not exceed $ 30,000.
  • Allowed: Research supplies/animal maintenance, technical assistance, domestic travel (limited), publication costs, costs of computer time, special fees (e.g. pathology, photography, etc.), stipends for graduate student/postdoctoral (related to sustaining the funded project), registration fees for scientific meetings, and equipment costs not exceeding $ 2000.
  • Not allowed: Salary for the PI; foreign travel; salary for clerical support, and honoraria and travel for visiting lecturers.




Please submit application to

For questions contact Doug Cuttell (phone: 494-5022; email: (