Call for Applications
Center for Cancer Research

Deadline: 4pm, March 3, 2014

Generous donations from the Carroll County Cancer Association to the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research provide support for Purdue undergraduate students who wish to undertake a cancer research project during the summer.  The project must be conducted in the laboratory of a Purdue Center for Cancer Research member and must have direct relevance to cancer.  The award is for $ 3000 and must be matched by $ 1000 in funds from the faculty sponsor (one student will be awarded per faculty sponsor).  The total award will be $ 4000 with the Center and faculty contributions.  Both Center and matching funds are restricted to student salaries.  Any Purdue University Undergraduate in good standing is eligible.  The student must name a faculty sponsor.  However, only proposals not funded through departments, schools or other summer undergraduate research programs will be eligible for funding through the Center (Faculty sponsors should indicate their undergraduate research support funds received for the current and past year (2013 and 2014) for their laboratory on the cover page)
The application should include:

  1. Cover page (also available from The cover page should be completed and then signed by both the applicant and the faculty sponsor.  Applications are not considered complete without the signed cover page included.
  2. Maximum of three typewritten pages (Helvetica/Arial 11 point font or larger and no less than ½ inch margins) and any cited literature.
  3. State the title and nature of the project, method of approach, cancer relevance and significance.

Final selection will be made by the Executive Committee of the Center.  Those receiving awards will be asked to present a summary of their project at the Carroll County Cancer Association Annual Meeting in the Fall of 2014 (usually in October).  In addition, recipients will be expected to submit a summary of their research project at the end of August.  A template for the report will be sent to you and your advisor by August 1, 2014.
Please complete the pre-award process for this submission – contact the pre-award office for submission assistance at

Electronic applications (as a Word or PDF document) must be emailed to by 4pm, March 3, 2014.  Awards are available for the summer, typically starting on or about June 1, 2014 (actual start date will determined by faculty sponsor and student.
For questions contact Doug Cuttell (email: