Dear Colleagues,

It is important for our success as an NCI-designated Center for Cancer Research to show collaboration among members of our Center in terms of publications. In order to facilitate large readership, our Center will provide financial support for accepted articles that fulfill the criteria listed below:

1. The manuscript should be coauthored by at least two Purdue University Center for Cancer Research members with at least one of the members as senior author.

2. The publication should be on a cancer-related topic.

3. The manuscript should be among the top 15% Journals in any of its disciplines according to Scimago ranking ( (if you have questions about scimago please email me).

4. The publication should be open access or have the possibility to be open access; Center funds shall be received to cover the open access costs.

In order to request these funds, please email Doug Cuttell with the letter of acceptance for publication (if the manuscript is not published yet), a copy of the accepted manuscript, information on the journal (scope, field(s), Scimago ranking in its field) in which the manuscript will be published and proof of open access costs to be reimbursed to the PI or paid to the journal. Requests will be reviewed for fulfillment of the four criteria listed above and the submitter will be notified within a few days.

This program is now open for manuscripts accepted or published in Fall 2013 until Summer 2014. This offer will continue until funds last for this year-period with the possibility of funding for additional years. 

Sophie Lelièvre, DVM, LLMPH, PhD

Associate Director, Collaborative Science, Center for Cancer Research