A West Lafayette robotics team brought nearly 100 students together Sunday afternoon to play dodgeball and fight cancer.


Westside Boiler Invasion hosted a dodgeball tournament at West Lafayette High School to raise money for the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research.

"Our organization is wants to inspire students in the community," said Ashley Deutsch, a senior at the high school and a member of the Boiler Invasion. "We're not just kids who play with robots. We care about people too."

About 14 teams battled for ribbons and bragging rights, and raised at least 0 for the research center in the process. The event was open to all students.

To enter the tournament, each team had to pay a entry fee. Additional money was generated through T-shirt and food sales.

"All of the money will be going directly to the cancer research center," Deutsch said. "We're not sure how much we are going to raise, but we'll be counting until the end of the day."

Tim Bobillo, director of development for the cancer research center, said the student organizers showed a great deal of maturity by hosting the tournament.

"We're very impressed, and they did this all on their own," he said.

"Whatever the cure is, it is going to come from research, so we are very happy they're are doing this to support our research," Bobillo said.

Victor Gutwien, a senior at West Lafayette, said the event was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

"It's great because we're having a lot of fun playing dodgeball and we get to raise money for a good cause. It definitely makes it worth the price of admission."