History of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research

1971 President Richard Nixon declares war on cancer.
1975 With the aid of a two-year planning grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a University Cancer Research Committee is established.
1976 Purdue Cancer Center is created as a separate administrative unit within the University. Dr. D. James Morré is named the first director of the Center.
1978 Purdue Cancer Center is awarded its first NCI Cancer Center Support Grant, which has been renewed continuously ever since.
1981 Four floors of the Hansen Life Sciences Research Building are established as the permanent home for the Purdue Cancer Center.
1986 The Center’s first flow-cytometry laboratory is built and equipped.
1986 William Baird becomes the Center’s second director.
1989 Scientific partnership with the Walther Cancer Institute begins.
1998 Dr. Richard Borch becomes the Center’s third director.
2004 Launches partnership with the IU Simon Cancer Center.
2005 The Oncological Sciences Center is launched at Discovery Park.
2007 Dr. Timothy Ratliff begins leading the Center.
2008 The first Purdue Cancer Center 5k Challenge is held.
2009 The center officially changes its name to the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research.