Meghan McDonough, Assistant Professor of Health and Kinesiology 
My research examines how social relationships among participants in physical activity programs for cancer survivors contribute to their well-being and how they cope with stress related to cancer and survivorship. I have published qualitative research documenting how breast cancer survivors involved in the team activity of dragon boating(a large canoe-like boat that hold 22 participants) experience enhanced social support and changes in body image and athletic identity through their participation, and how these changes may facilitate post-traumatic growth(positive psychological growth following a traumatic event such as cancer diagnosis and treatment). We have also documented physical,psychological, and social stressors that breast cancer survivors encounter related to survivorship and participation in sport. Currently, I am working on a project tracking social support and phychological growth on a newly developing dragon boat team of breast cancer survivors. this project is examining trajectories of change of social support over participants' first dragon boat season. This work will contribute to our understanding of the social support process within physical activity, and will inform future intervention work aimed at improving quality of life among cancer survivors.

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