Bumsoo Han, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
My breast cancer research interests are in minimally invasive thermal therapy, its image-guidance using fluorescence nanoparticles, and improvement of drug delivery to thermally treated tumors.  Thermal therapies are minimally invasive surgical techniques to destroy malignant tissue in situ by creating localized thermal lesions (hyperthermic or cryogenic).  My group performs research to establish quantitative thermal threshold for complete tumor destruction [1].  Although the early treatment outcome is very promising, the pathologic evaluation of thermally treated tumors often shows small areas of viable residual tumor and this incomplete tumor destruction poses a significant clinical challenge.  To overcome this challenge, a new image-guidance technique is being developed using quantum dots, whose fluorescence is temperature-dependent [2].  My group also investigates to facilitate the drug transport within the interstitial space and across the cellular membrane by use of controlled freezing and subsequent biophysical events so as to overcome the chemoresistance.  The current research tasks are 1) investigation of the effects of freezing on drug resistance-associated proteins [3]; and 2) accentuation of freezing-induced tumor destruction by use of molecular adjuvants [1, 4].

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