Breast Cancer Prevention Program

COM 491: Breast Cancer Prevention

This course is an overview of research relevant to breast cancer prevention. In the first unit, students are exposed to breast cancer incidence and mortality data and taught basic cancer etiology. The second unit of the course focuses on (possible) breast cancer risk factors, including heredity, hormone therapy, physical activity, weight control, lactation, nutrition, alcohol consumption, lycopene, pesticides, antibiotics, birth control pills, and breast implants (to name a few). Students read original research reports and are taught how to decipher common statistics (e.g., odds ratios). In the third unit, students engage original research evaluating the efficacy of breast cancer diagnostics, including breast self exam (BSE) and mammography. In the fourth and final unit, students read research on behavioral aspects of breast cancer communication and control, including information seeking and scanning, news coverage of cancer, patient provider communication, interactive technologies, health campaigns, health literacy, and knowledge gaps.

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